The River Severn

The River Severn is the longest river in Great Britain at 220 miles. It rises in the Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales and then flows through Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. The River Severn is England’s greatest river in terms of water flow.

According to mythological sources the name “Severn” is derived from the name Sabrina or Hafren, based on the mythical story of a nymph who drowned in the river. Sabrina is also the goddess of The River Severn in Brythonic mythology, the story of Sabrina featured in Milton’s Comus. A statue can be found of Sabrina in the Dingle Gardens at The Quarry, Shrewsbury. As the River Severn becomes tidal the associated deity changes to Noadu (Nodens in Roman) who is represented mounted on a seahorse riding the crest of the Severn Bore.

On a Starline Narrowboat holiday the river is navigable for approximately 45 miles from Stourport to Gloucester. The River Severn, a wide river with high, tree lined banks is a good introduction to boating as there are only six locks all of which are operated by lock keepers.

The River Severn offers a relaxing holiday where you can simply watch the world go by.

There are an abundance of attractions and places to visit along this stretch of the River Severn, on the banks of the river you will find the two magnificent cathedral cities of Worcester and Gloucester.


It can be said that the English civil War began and ended at Worcester, earning the City its motto - 'The Faithful City', for its support of the Stuarts. Worcester's magnificent Cathedral dates back to Norman times, with the crypt being a classic example of Norman architecture. Museums bring back times past, visit The Commandery Civil War Centre – the only museum in the country dedicated to the English Civil War. Worcester has a wide variety of attractions on offer including The Guildhall, Royal Worcester Porcelain, Art Galleries and Museums, Elgar Birthplace Museum a great composer who lived in Worcester.

Worcester offers excellent shopping, numerous restaurants and bars and offers a mix of both urban and rural life.

For further information on attractions and places to visit Starline Narrowboats offers Guide Books and Maps for sale on the Bookings Form.


The story of Gloucester goes back over two thousand years and there are countless tales to be told of the City's past and present. The Civil War was a turning point for both Gloucester and England, The River Severn and docks transformed the City.

Once a centre of trade the now renovated historic docks of Gloucester offers modern fashion outlets, a wide range of restaurants. With historic buildings, family attractions and fascinating museums - there is something for everyone in Gloucester. Places to visit includes; Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery, British Waterways Museum and The House of the Tailor of Gloucester – the historic building chosen by Beatrix Potter for her infamous story.

For further information on attractions and places to visit Starline Narrowboats offers Guide Books and Maps for sale on the Bookings Form.

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